Meredith's Miracles Miracle Maker Program


Miracle Worker Service Program

Covington County, Opp City and Andalusia City Schools Students 

8th grade to 12th grade fill out the form below to summit your service hours you have worked.  

Miracle Workers Service Forms

How our program works:

Students starting  8th grade through 12th grade can volunteer for our events.  Each year students will receive an award certificate at their awards program at their school if they volunteer their time to Meredith's Miracles for any of our events.  Each year the hours will add up and if they volunteer 100 + hours by their senior year they will receive a Miracle Maker Medal!  


Events you can earn hours for:

Cookies with Characters

Cocoa with Characters

Meredith's Miracles Valentine's Day Store

Meredith's Miracles Fish Fry

Meredith's Miracles Thrift Store